Cost of Reordering

The forming of the West End Meeting Area

New services and deainage connection

Forming of internal meeting area, toilet, Vestry, WC and Servery



New Heating

New heating system complete


Nave and Aisle Reordering

The relocation of the Front, new storage unit, the relaying of the floor, and redecoration of the Nave ceilling



The forming of a new dais and disabled ramp, removal of pew fronts, new screen to Organ Chamber, redecoration of the ceiling



Redecoration of the walls following the roof work




New Lighting

Rewiring and the installation of new lighting system


Other Items

Conservation of the Text Boards

Cleaning of the windows, redecoration of the window ironwork


Add contingencies and design development @ 10%







Add prefessional fees:

Structural Engineer
Heating Engineer
CDM Planning Coordinator


Add VAT on prefessional fees @ 17.5%





Total cost of Reordering



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