Roof Recovering

The Problem;
The Church roofs were recovered in the 1960s when the present insulation boarding was installed.   The detail of the original roof is not known but the valleys between the roofs are to narrow, making blockages difficult to clear.   The detail at the eaves is poor with the junction between the gutter and the roof allowing water to ingress.   The insulation board internally draws water in and the result is staining at the valley and to the eaves.

The Rectification;
The Aisle roofs are affected the most due to the number of valleys.   Reforming of the valley and eaves is proposed.   To achieve this recovering will be required.   The insulation board being replaced with boarding.

The Nave and Chancel roofs will be overhauled and redecoration of the boarding undertaken.   The eaves detail will be improved with the repairs to the gutters.


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