Update on Progress 2015-16

January 20th 2016

St Michael’s Church has a beautiful new roof. There continued to be problems with the valleys and gutters in heavy raIn, and it was necessary to attach two chutes to some the outflow pipes to take water away from the walls at the west end. The interior is already warmer and drier as the result of the repair work and improved drainage.

However, hopes that this would mean the end of repairs and an uncomplicated move to re-ordering were premature. The redundant, highly decorated, vestry chimney was found to be in urgent need of attention. It is not possible simply to remove it. As an integral part of the original Victorian architecture it has to be preserved, so work is underway to raise funds of 22,000 pounds to complete its restoration.

In addition, the 2015 Quinquennial Survey raised concerns about the tower and spire which did not appear in the previous such survey. The response was a survey which was carried out by a team of stonemasons who specialize in climbing high structures. An early estimate of 100,000 pounds (taking into account scaffolding and abseiling technology as well as the cost of carrying out possibly maximum repair work to metal and stone) in the event was reduced by a factor of ten. The funds were raised and the necessary work carried out by the specialist team.

We are now looking at grant applications to enable work to begin on the west end room and facilities.

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